About us

How do you measure how clean the air on your street is? What kind of organisms hang out in your yogurt? And what do “good” and “bad” bacteria really mean? How could you charge your phone without the convenience of a wall outlet? We want to find out the answers to these questions with you! The Science Bus brings the workshops and tools to investigate these questions (and more) to you.

This summer, the Science Bus will travel through Europe in search of folk remedies. A folk remedy is an everyday trick or ‘life hack’ that everyone can use to make or fix just about anything. Some of these fixes, tricks, shortcuts and recipes have been around for hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of years.

Why are we on a hunt for folk remedies?
We’d like to put them to the test! How do these remedies work? What are the ingredients? What are the scientific principles behind them? And what can we do to improve them? By combining old and new knowledge, technologies and methods we want to make these clever folk remedies accessible to everyone.

The Science Bus is hosting workshops all around Europe to engage curious minds and encourage people to share their life hacks. The Science Bus hits the road with simple DIY (research) tools. This is science for everyone, and folk wisdom is the research subject. The Science Bus stops at festivals, campsites and marketplaces. Our Science Bus captains will host workshops in which they introduce and investigate folk remedies. They’ll also bring along handy instructables and materials to help you build your own scientific instruments.

Do you have a clever folk remedy?
Does your grandma have the perfect recipe for making yogurt or maintaining beautiful skin? What’s the secret ingredient your neighbour puts in the soil to get those delicious tomatoes? Or maybe you know another clever life hack? If so, share it with us! Find our Science Bus captains on their route or get in touch online.

Why should I care?
We’re so used to buying everything we need (and more) that we tend to forget that we can produce, harvest and fix things ourselves. Do we really know what’s in our food? Or where our products are made and how they work? Don’t we miss the satisfaction of making things ourselves? And can we still think outside the box and solve simple problems? Let’s do it together and find out!

Catch the Science Bus
The Science Bus will be driving around Europe until November 2017: from the UK to Croatia, Spain, Germany and many places in-between. The Science Bus captains will share their adventures and discoveries via our website and social media. On tour, the captains will gather fascinating folk remedies that they’ll share online for everyone’s benefit. Get involved and follow the Science Bus via togethersciencebus.eu or #sciencebus.

Where’s the bus? How do I get in touch?
Our amazing Science Bus captains will be driving the Science Bus around Europe while hosting workshops and collecting folk remedies. The Science Bus project is realised by a group of enthusiastic makers from Waag Society – institute for art, science and technology – based in Amsterdam and is part of the European project, “Doing It Together Science.” Within this project, research institutions work together with science galleries, museums and art institutions to engage as many people as possible with citizen science. By hosting innovative workshops, exhibitions and activities all around Europe the eleven partners show that citizen science is an accessible and fun way to explore the world around you.

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