Hay Box Cooker by meddler

Cooking in a hay box

Cooking with minimum amount of energy use, what are our options? Currently most stoves are gas powered or run on electricity generated from coal, gas or nuclear power which all
Charge your phone through your dynamo with a DIY phone charger

DIY phone charger

What if there is a power failure and you have to charge your cell phone? With these instructions you can build your own charger that works with a bicycle dynamo.

Make your own soap

What is soap? And how does it work? Soap removes bacteria from your hands, which is important for your health and gives a clean feeling. Find out more and follow

Test your sunscreen

By making a UV-meter you can test how well your (homemade) sunscreen blocks ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Ultraviolet waves are invisible, but are always around us. How can you make
Make your own sunscreen

DIY sunscreen

If you stay in the sun for too long, your skin will burn. This is not caused by the heat, but by the ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. A sunburn is painful, but

Grow your own vegetables

What is the recipe for fertile soil or good compost? A little acid, a little limestone, a little...? Make an experimental garden and learn more about the life of plants. Don't forget

Particulate Matter Meter

We can’t see them, but do inhale them every day: particulate matter, one of the most harmful forms of air pollution. But what are they? Particulates are small particles floating
Bacterie Detector

Bacteria detector

Are bacteria good, bad, or both? How clean are your hands? Discover how well your (homemade) soap works by testing how many bacteria are still on your hands after washing.

DIY Yogurt

Making your own yogurt is easy, healthy and tastes great. Discover how to transform ordinary milk into yogurt with the help of some friendly bacteria. Download and print the instructable

pH Meter

How acidic is the water? And how about the soil? Examine the acidity of the soil, your (home made) yogurt, soda or the water in your area using something as