Particulate Matter Meter

We can’t see them, but do inhale them every day: particulate matter, one of the most harmful forms of air pollution. But what are they? Particulates are small particles floating in the air, smaller the 10 micrometer (PM10).

If we know where particulate levels of the air are high, we can make healthier choices. Find out what the most healthy walking or cycling route to work or school is. Or put a meter in your garden or balcony to discover where you can enjoy the cleanest outdoor air.

Download the instructions to make a Particulate Matter Meter here:

Download the English instructions here

Download the Dutch instructions here

Download the German instructions here

A4 Instruction leaflets
Download the DIY instructions above. Print these double-sided (always the most sustainable choice) on plain paper. Now fold the paper twice, leading to a small booklet with the title in front. Ready

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