Freek Bottema

My name is Freek Bottema and I’m 23 years old, but even as I a child I simply had to know how things work. Why does rain fall from the sky? Is it possible to build something that wil power itself? The answer to that last one is “no, it’s not.” For now anyway. My favorite subject in school has always been physics because you learn the rules of how almost everything works. When I was 13 years old I found another passion: photography. I really enjoy the creative aspect of it, but I think that if you want to become a great photographer you should know the science behind it as well. You need to understand how photons hit your subject and enter your lens in order to take the perfect shot. At the moment, I work as a cameraman. And, along with Sem, I’ve been working on Galileo, a popular scientific tv show. Together, we are able to fix almost everything. And we have a lot of fun on the fly.

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