Soap ingredient calculator

A soap calculator, what is it for and how does it work?

It’s important to calculate how much caustic soda you need for the saponification of the oils and fats that you want to use. Too much caustic soda might cause skin irritation as not all caustic soda has reacted with the fats and oil. Too little and your soap will work as well. You can calculate precisely how much you need of every ingredient using a soap calculator.

Various soap calculators can be found online. But the one on is our favorite and gives a lot of information. Open this soap calculator via this link and follow the steps below:

Take step 1 – 4 by following the numbers in the soap calculator. When clicking on the numbers you get additional information on what it means for your recipe.

Step 5. These numbers say something about the quality of your soap. The higher the more of that quality. However: the numbers do not count from 0 – 100. When you have calculated your recipe you get a better insight on what good and what not. (See below.)

6. Add the ingredients that you want and the amount of them that you want to use. No clue? Just trie!

7. Click on 1. calculate recipe and thereafter on 2. view or print recipe:

8. Below on the left you find the numbers that determine the quality of your soap. Next to is you find the quality of your soap. Do the numbers don’t fall in the range; you can try to adjust the ratio of the ingredients. Or maybe you do not mind your soap is, for example,  not so bubbly.

9. Are the numbers the way you want. Then its time to make your own soap! Look at our instructable how to make soap.

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